Carmen Lezeth Suarez is a dynamic speaker, writer, and podcaster with a passion for storytelling while doing her best to uplift and inspire others. Born and raised in the United States, Carmen began her creative career as a dancer before transitioning into writing, acting, and performing on stage. Along with her business acumen established early on working in both the corporate and the non-profit world, Carmen is recognized as bringing a special technique in the way she consults with both individuals and businesses. She helps people with growth, organization, and efficiency, and always brings a fresh perspective from a place of joy.

Carmen is the creator and host of the popular podcast and live streaming show All About the Joy, which explores the many facets of happiness and fulfillment through straight talk, and interviews with experts, artists, and thought leaders in their fields. Topics cover everything from business, creative arts, and personal development to the latest shows and movies or chit-chat of the day.  The idea is simple: let’s hang out in the neighborhood, after work, and chat with friends. Her podcast and live-streaming show has earned a devoted following and has been praised for its inspiring and insightful, and most days, funny content.

In addition to her work as a host of both the podcast and live-streaming show, Carmen is also the author of several works, including her book, the memoir “CANELA“. Her writing has been published in a variety of areas, including magazines, and websites, earning her critical acclaim and a loyal readership.

Carmen’s website, carmensuarez.com, is a hub for her many creative endeavors. She considers it her “home online”.  There, visitors can explore her blog, read an excerpt of her story, and learn more about her podcast and speaking/creative engagements. Carmen’s website is a testament to her passion for creativity and expression and offers a glimpse into her pursuit of more positivity and more joy being the focus and not the outlier of everyone’s lives.

Whether through her writing, performing, podcasting, or speaking engagements, Carmen Lezeth Suarez is dedicated to inspiring others and spreading joy and positivity wherever she goes. With her unique perspective and engaging personality, she is sure to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.